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The Occiflex™

The Advanced Safe Robotic Solution for Neck and Head Pain

glyphs 250x250px 1 upDo you suffer from neck pain? Or do you often experience headaches? Do you use medication for neck pain or headaches but with limited succes? Or are the side effects of this medication inconvenient? Now an alternative solution is available! Passive and slow cervical movement therapy with the Occiflex.

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The Occiflex™ for Patients

For a pain-free mid-range neck mobilization

glyphs 250x250px 2 upToday more than two billion people suffer from neck pain and headache such as migraines and tension-type headaches. Present treatments – medications, invasive procedures and alternative therapies – are in many cases ineffective, short-acting and associated with significant side effects.

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The Occiflex for Professionals

Your skills and expertise - effectively extended

glyphs 250x250px 3 upThe Occiflex is the first therapeutic treatment device using advanced robotics for the relief of chronic headache and neck pain. It is comprised of an adjustable cradle that automatically moves the head and neck gently along a therapist-guided three dimensional course.

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Client Testimonials

Experiences of clients treated with the Occiflex

Therapist Testimonials

Therapists share their experiences with Occiflex treatments