The Occiflex™ for Patients

For a pain-free mid-range neck mobilization

Today more than two billion people suffer from neck pain and headache such as migraines and tension-type headaches. Present treatments – medications, invasive procedures and alternative therapies – are in many cases ineffective, short-acting and associated with significant side effects.

ERN 100 400x300Clinical studies have shown that physical or manual therapy – and in particular, cervical mobilization – can reduce chronic neck pain and headache. However, manual therapy is time consuming, physically demanding and hard to maintain over a sustained period.

With the Occiflex™ an alternative is introduced. It is the first automatic treatment table to relieve chronic headache and neck pain. The Occiflex™ enables a therapist to implement a pain-free mid-range neck mobilization more accurately, more slowly and for much longer than previous therapy options allowed. 

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The Occiflex™ treatment experience

A treatment on the Occiflex™ is extremely relaxing and comfortable. During the first session an intake will be done. Based on the clinical assessment a treatment plan will be composed. During the following sessions the Occiflex™ will very slowly mobilize your neck by means of gentle movements. These passive exercises will take place in the midrange of your movement capabilities, not stressing any structure but relaxing the neck and head. You will experience a very soft and comfortable treatment that can result in pain reduction after only a few sessions.

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