The Occiflex™ treatment experience –  teach and repeat

A full Occiflex™ treatment experience that will result in pain relief comprises of the following procedures:

1. Intake

During the intake the practitioner will interview and examine the patient as is commonly done. But besides those activities he can also perform a movement analysis with the Occiflex™.

The patient is placed in a supine position on the Occiflex™. He is equipped with a “head movement sensor” that allows for a very accurate, but completely free position measurement. The practitioner is now able to evaluate the axial movement like flexion – extension, rotation and lateral flexion. He can also define the movement trajectory for mobilization. Simply press the “record button” and move the head in any direction along any desired trajectory. This movement, the “teaching” movement,  can be used for sustained mobilization afterwards. There is virtually no limitation in the “teach” movement. With 6DoF you can move any way you want, rotational or translational.

2. Treatment

The treatment consists of positioning the patient on the Occiflex™ and selecting the treatment protocol. Based on the “teaching” movement a period of repeated movements is set, whereby velocity and range of motion can be varied. Once the treatment is started the patient is gently mobilized according to the “teaching” movement for a sustained period.

As mobilization velocities are typically slow (0,1 to 2,5 degrees per second) the repeat phase is extremely relaxing.

Your patient will appreciate the Occiflex™ treatment, not only for its curing effect, but also instantaneously as it is very comfortable. Thanks to the accuracy in the simulation the sensitization effect is maximal. Results will show in no time. Pain, stiffness and disability are reduced in just a few treatment sessions!

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