The Occiflex™

The Advanced Safe Robotic Solution for Neck and Head Pain

Do you suffer from neck pain? Or do you often experience headaches? Do you use medication for neck pain or headaches but with limited succes? Or are the side effects of this medication inconvenient? Now an alternative solution is available! Passive and slow cervical movement therapy with the Occiflex.

Neck and head pain, chronic or episodic, are widespread and impairing. They affect 15% of the world population and are responsible for an unimaginable economic loss and for unbearable suffering.

Until now, treatment of neck and head pain was primarily invasive. Medication however, although expensive, is not very effective, or causes unacceptable side effects.

With the Occiflex™ a non-invasive alternative is introduced that has no side effects, is safe, easy to implement for the professional, very comfortable for both patient and therapist and above all, is effective!  

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