Included in an Occiflex purchase

The Occiflex is delivered as a complete unit (article number 1660901), that is including:

  • the Occiflex Hardware
  • the Occilink Software
  • the Occiflex Computer
  • The Occiflex Course, a 2-days instruction for the end user at the site of the Occiflex


The Occiflex Hardware

The occiflex is supplied as a complete system. To be able to work with the system, an effective workspace of 2.90m x 1.50m is required.
The Occiflex delivery requires access with doors with a minimum width of 80 cm.
An Occiflex weighs 200 Kg and requires an even and stable surface.
Standard the Occiflex is delivered at  the ground floor. For additional activities related to delivery (p.e. to deliver at a first or second floor) costs may be charged. We will inform you about this before delivery.


The Occilink Software

The Occilink software is standard delivered with the Occiflex.
This software makes it possible to store patients with individual protocols, and to store measurements (VAS, NDI, HIt6 and active and passive Range of Motion). The software provides PDF export possibiliteis for a visual comparison of measurement results.


The Occiflex Computer

The Occiflex is delivered including computer, with the Occilink software installed, and with the necessary peripherals (mouse and keyboard and cables).
This computer is exclusively intended for use with the Occiflex and does not allow installation of other software nor for use on the internet (for safety reasons).
No computer furniture is included. You are expected to obtain this yourself.
The standard connection cable between the computer and the Occiflex is 4 meters. That also determines the amx distance between Occiflex and the computer.


The Occiflex Course

The Occiflex is supplied with a 2-days course, on site, for the therapists who will work with the Occiflex.
This course allows you to have a quick start with the use of the Occiflex and to immedialty get the best treatment results.
The course will be organised around the delivery itself.

Click here for more information about the Occiflex course and for the preconditions for participation in this course.


Conditions for delivery

For proper installation the following conditions are applicable:

  • Good accessibility (ground floor or lifts with ample space and sufficient lifting capacity for other floors)
  • Ample space for use of the Occiflex(1)
  • Stable and solid surface
  • Power supply of 220V located less than 1,5 m of Occiflex power outlet
  • No disruptive ultrasound signals in the direct environment of the Occiflex(2)

(1) = The Occiflex needs space for the therapist to work at the headsection of the couch. The operational area therfore is at least 150 cm x 290 cm.

(2) = the measurement function of the Occiflex makes use of ultrasound signals, amongst other techniques.
Systems within vicinity of the Occiflex that emit and receive ultrasound can disturb this function.
Examples are motion sensors of security systems or ultrasound based motion analysis systems.
In order for the Occiflex to work correctly, these systems should not transmit an ultrasound signal at the time of using the Occiflex.


Technical Specifications

Dimensions (l x w x h): 220 x 110 x 145 cm
Size tabletop (l x w): 185 x 79 cm
Minimum workspace (l x w): 290 x 150 cm
Height adjustment: 65 - 88 cm
Tilting range +10 degrees (table height 70 - 83 cm)
    (depends on table height): -5 degrees (table height 75 - 85 cm)
    0 degrees at min. or max. table height
Lifting capacity: 200 kg
Power supply: 100-240V ~ 50/60 Hz, max 320VA
Current consumption: 2.0 A max.
Display: LCD/TFT colour touch screen display (with backlight)
Computer: The Occiflex™ is delivered with a dedicated and pre-installed PC

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