Repeated low velocity cervical midrange mobilization

ERN 100 400x300Mobilization as a treatment method for neck and head pain is well known worldwide. The effectiveness of mobilization has been subject to scientific research and the results are encouraging. Traditional mobilization however mostly (supra) maximizes the range of motion in just a few repetitions.

Recent research has shown that midrange mobilization for a sustained period of time (15 to 20 minutes) at a very low velocity (0,1 to 2,5 degrees/second) is far more effective. The underlying mechanism for improvement of the condition seems to be related to sensitization instead of just a mechanical effect.

With the Occiflex™ it is possible to achieve a sustained mobilization. The Occiflex can complement a therapist’s preliminary evaluation of a patient’s movement capabilities. The Occiflex can simulate a patient’s real movements with 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF, three axes of rotation and three directions of translation). Consequently the Occiflex can execute this simulated movement over a longer period of time, safely and accurately. A passive mobilization in the cervical midrange without any further time-consumption by the therapist.

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